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Roel Wielinga: Veteran Graphic Artist & Illustrator

Explore a vivid, breathtaking world of graphics and artwork with Studio De Phantasm. From fantasy and sci-fi to realistic portraits, you'll find the perfect addition to your fine art collection or décor — or even your next book cover. Get in touch today to order a piece or request a commissioned painting, drawing, or digital artwork.

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About Roel

My name is Roel Wielinga, and I am the graphic artist and illustrator behind Studio De Phantasm. I always keep a variety of my pieces on hand and available for sale through my studio. I also offer my talents for custom, commissioned work.

It seems that I was destined for the art world at a young age. I received my first camera at age 5, and by the age of 12 I had sold my first painting. Today, I have been in the field for 45 years — 20 of which were spent serving the US Air Force as a professional illustrator. Ever since entering the art world professionally in 1992, I have been fiercely loyal to clients, striving to deliver the best every time.

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