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About Roel Wielinga

Roel Wielinga

Over the years, I have created portraits, children's book illustrations, logo designs, and even games. I dedicate myself entirely to every project, resulting in high-quality results that leave clients in awe — your satisfaction with the final piece is guaranteed. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about my work.

Meet the Artist

I have been described as a "dreamer," a description that suits me well. My illustrated designs are a composite of dreams and other worlds where adventure, romance, and beauty are a blurred reality. It's a place where I can immerse my soul and truly be myself.

Barbarian Warlord Digital Piece

Original Artwork

Helping Aspiring Artists

In 2007, I helped found the McDuffie Arts Council (MAC) with my wife and six other artists. This educational organization helps aspiring artists here in Georgia — especially young artists who are new to the field. MAC also attends many special events in the area, so be on the lookout!

Displayed Work

Along with the pieces featured in my online gallery, you can also find my work at the Cancer Center in Augusta, Georgia, where they were dedicated.

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